DP Weekly Challenge : A 99 word story, “All’s in a Name”

I know I have missed the deadline but I wasn’t somehow confident about posting this story for the DP weekly challenge, the power of names, hope it qualifies!

All’s in the Name

Grandma Fatimah was amused to see her trying to etch her name on the stone outside. “Abbu says we may leave any day. ”She looks around at their deserted village, “I want my name to stay.” “Then etch it in soil.” Fatimah smiled, “Believe!  And water your dreams every day.” She never forgot.

The only sign of life outside the house she had deserted years ago was a profusion of wild roses that grew in the soil. “Abbu’s favorites”, she mused. He had even named her Nasrin –wild rose. People said, they never withered.


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Weekly writing challenge, the Golden years : It’s all Gold, a 95 word story

The story is in response a rather unique view on this week’s challenge, “The Golden Years”. I feel it does fit in with the perspectives challenge also, good, bad, neutral.. comments are eagerly awaited



It’s all Gold

One look, one syllable was all Mark needed to judge someone. The golden years changed it all; his senses retired with him. He started losing vision; faces were blobs, golden by day and dark by night. Good, bad, ugly was now all in the voice.

Life has its ways, hearing went next. The distinguisher now was touch.. soft was good while harsh not so much. As the touches became lesser, each seemed like an angel’s. To Mark everyone was beautiful, a blob of gold… the golden years, had turned his heart golden.


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Weekly challenge “Threes” : 3 sets, 3 stories, 300 words

This week’s DP challenge, talks of the challenge of threes.

“You can choose to write a post inspired by a response to the “Threes” photo challenge, or you can write your post based on three photos you supply.”

I have ‘squared the’ challenge and done three pieces of flash fiction (stories in a 100 words or less…is my endeavor) around,three sets of pictures and have turned it into 3×3 challenge.

Of course! the cubist possibilities lure me…I see possibility where 3 stories in one set and one story that binds the three, hence 6 sets of 4, with one story that brings it all together..a total of 25.(disclaimer: I do not vouch for the math). The story may, may not feature on this blog, but now that the idea has germinated, maybe something shall come out of it..

For now here is my three chosen set of pictures, thanks to the photographers, I hope they like my interpretations of their stories.

 Glorious Moments


   Images:Sydney Icons by Debbie 

The Sydney Opera House stood mesmerized; everything was silent, except the hypnotic sound emanating from Edvard’s violin. It was a sound more poignant than any other, the stage had heard in a long time and it had heard its share. The reverie broke as Edvard was called to the wings.

He packed away his violin and donned his worker hat. The lunch hour was over and the blows of hammers now filled the aisles. The loudest sound however, was of Edvard’s heart that pounded in his ears, still resonating with his stolen hour of glory.



Images :Three views along the shore by Sue Nash       

The seagulls and I have a lot in common; we love the beach. While they scale the sky above the  seas, looking at this lone walker …my mind surfs the layers as it reaches heights unknown looking at the sea gulls.

One such sea gull, sits perched on the sand dune by the beach, I approach it, drawn almost hypnotically. A shrill voice interrupts; the gull flies away, as I turn. It’s the guard pointing at the sign shouting, “Keep off the dunes!”,  seems the sea gulls and I have a lot in common; we both can’t read.



Images: Marissa Othon 

Today was his first day at the fish market. Nidio’s fisherman father had been washed away at sea; fatally pierced by a stingray, a week ago.

Nidio sat motionless by the ocean, recalling happy fishing trips with his father, “The sea is an entire world; it has colonies; colors, dark and light… and layers of life. It seems our colorful boats are the last of those layers…”

The dollars in his fist were as soaked and salty as the sea, “I wonder if the stingray is pawning him at some undersea market for a few notes of sea- currency.”

Why this blog?

I am wordphile, I love words.I have to have my daily fix of word games, crosswords, challenges everything that alphabets add up to. I just fell in love with blogging and am about sixteen days old in this world of blogging.I started out with my blog, While it opened up an entire world open to me, of bloggers, wordsmiths, word lovers, word challengers, the format restricted me from participating in challenges or writing fiction…or poetry.

Hence, I am giving into temptation and letting the seductress of the word world lure me, into yet another blog.

Happy writing, happier reading, and ecstatic(brutal) critiquing, get the drift ;)…so long…!